Quality assurance

Scratch resistance

Slotex table top is primarily a surface to work on. The table top is resistant to visible marks made by a knife or any other sharp tools.

Moisture and steam resistance

The table top must be moisture resistant to prevent its swelling and becoming mouldy, as well as to maintain its initial appearance. In order to achieve maximum moisture resistance, we use a moisture resistant plate, line the table top with plastic from all the sides and fix it with a special polyurethane glue.

Thermal resistance

Slotex table top can resist temperature variations. You can put hot kitchenware on the table top and not be afraid of apparent deformations of the coating and visible color changes.

Impact resistance

Slotex table top is characterized by high strength. It is not subject to visible deformation under the daily impact stress in various everyday conditions (it can withstand things up to 0.5 kg falling on it as high as 1 meter).


Wearability is one of the most important indicators of the table top quality. It is decisive to how long your kitchen will keep its original appearance. Thanks to the use of a special overlay, our table tops are highly wearable and can withstand up to 2000 turn-rounds during the wear resistance test.


The non-porous monolithic surface of the Slotex table top can be easily cleaned with household detergents.
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